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One Blinc Loans Reviews

Blinc Loans or One Blinc ( are available for those who are looking for additional money to cover different expenses.

Before deciding to apply with this company, you should read our review in order to find out if this business is legit to decide if dealing with it will be safe for you.

One Blinc Reviews

About OneBlinc

OneBlinc (formerly known as Blinc Loans) is a business offering personal loans to people who will pay their debts back in small installment payments.

Your creditworthiness will be evaluated not only based on your FICO score, which means that you have chances to get the money even if your credit score is low.

OneBlinc can not only give you the money, but also report your payment history to credit bureaus, including Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, which means that if you pay accurately, you will be able to rebuild your credit score.

There is the Help section on the website that allows customers to read the most important information regarding the lending process.

Also, you will find an online chat feature to use in order to reach the company’s reps.

How It Works

Everything works very simply.

There is an online application form that you can find on the website of this lending company and fill it out. In some cases, you will need to provide additional documents in order to be approved.

If you are approved, you will need to sign a loan agreement to get the money on your bank account.

Usually, an application process is quite simple and quick, but it may take a bit long time if more documents are required.


The amount that you can borrow from OneBlinc depends on your state.

There is a one-time administration fee that you will have to pay, which amount ranges between $25 and $49.

No other fees will be taken from you.

There is a fixed amount of $79 that you will have to pay bi-weekly until your loan is fully repaid.

This will be done automatically. It allows you to make sure that you will not forget to pay the money, which may lead to paying late payment fees.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The rating of the company on Trustpilot is 4.9 out of 5 based on 428 opinions.

Particularly, customers like great customer service and quick and easy application process.

There is no information about this business on the BBB’s website.

According to Scamadviser, the trust score of the company is 72%, and the website is only 85 days old.

There are no other customer reviews that you can find on this company on the Internet.

There are no official social media accounts of this business.


Although we cannot be sure that One Blinc is a scam, there is no information about this business on the BBB’s site.

The company has recently been renamed, and the new site has been launched, which does not have a high trust score.

There are great customer ratings on the business on Trustpilot, but it causes questions about how the business managed to attract so many customers within such a short period of time.

Therefore, we cannot strongly recommend you to use the services of this loan provider.

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  1. Kayla Johnson says:

    One blinc is indeed a scam. I gave them all my information and they hacked my account. Please do not use

    1. Hi Kayla,
      We dont have anyone with your name on our database. But we appreciate your feedback.

    2. Katherine says:

      Scam! Cannot be trusted!

      1. Todd Kelley says:

        Denied me and still took money from my paycheck. Now I have to go through hell to get my money back and I need that money obviously I’m applying for a loan why would you take my money knowing I need it.

    3. Chike Glover says:

      I applied twice and was denied twice with feedback stating that my allotment has been discounted. Whats for me will be for me. Obviously this isn’t for me and I’m ok with that based on these other reviews. Please take me out of your database Oneblinc!

  2. Yea i say its a scam too how do get get denied before even throw your information in.

  3. Rebecca Sullivan says:

    For all those with poor credit and could not get a loan from one blinc please stop bashing them. I’ve used them several times without any hassle or negativity. They are very customer service oriented and helpful. They always help when they can

  4. Sandra Jones says:

    I am a Oneblinc Customer and have had a problem with Scratch not posting a payment. I have contacted Oneblinc repeatedly and I have not gotten any help. I have been contacted them since 01/21/2022 and still zero results. They accepted my allotment but did not post it and Oneblinc who I have the loan with will not make it right. NOBODY ever knows what you are talking about when you call either. HUGE MESS! I have retold the story every day since 01/21/2022 still no help. I also have a checking account with them which I am about to close and move my direct deposit. It is scary to keep your money with them when you cannot get help if something goes wrong. I really wanted to refinance my loan with them because honestly they were great before this happened. However, if my payments don’t post correctly I will not be able to refinance nor will it be paid properly. It is a shame they fail so badly in their customer service because I really thought they were great before now.

  5. Crystal Norris says:

    I have had no issues with this company, If I had read the reviews first, I would have missed out. I don’t have any negative thing to say about this company. The first loan was easy peasy and then I refinanced, even easier. Sorry for everyone who had a bad experience, because mine was great,

  6. Sabrena Semien says:

    Scam!! They will hurt your credit score with error in reporting! Scratch and One Blinc have separated and my payments are still payroll deducted and still getting no payments reported. I also paid on the site and it went to interest instead of payments because “they-the company” is handling the payments wrong! I have filed with the Attorney General and FTC and will be making a review on BBB and Yelp.

  7. Sheila M Hicks says:

    I’m sad with all these negative reviews, i have a loan with them and it went so smoothly! money comes right from my check, I have refinanced and that was easy as well, i’ve had several salary advances, they are NOT a scam just because they denied you, i’ve never had a problem with what they take from my check because it’s an allotment that i set up through my payroll provider, they send the payment to oneblinc and the balance to my bank I could not be happier!

  8. Toni Johnson says:

    I have used this company to take advances and refinance my loan several times over the course of 3.5 years. I’m not sure why so many things have changed such as asking when your eligible to refinance or why I have to download the app to take a cash advance now which I just did and got denied after having taken advances from you all for several years. Really disappointed with all these changes. After my loan is paid off I will not be using your services again. Too many changes.

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