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If you work in the police and need some extra money, you can opt for personal loans for police officers.

Loans are a great way to cover your expenses when you run out of money, such as paying your bills, purchasing stuff, going on an expected trip, and others.

They come in various types and sizes, so you should be able to find an offer that you like.

Loans for Police Officers

At the same time, it is important to ensure that you will be dealing with a reliable lender who has no hidden fees, unreasonably high rates, or too strict requirements.

Helpful info on getting loans for police staff is provided in this article.

Personal Loan

There are different options to consider when it comes to choosing a lender.

First of all, there is the Police and Fire Federal Credit Union (PFFCU) that you join.

It offers various types of loans: including the following:

  • Personal;
  • Signature;
  • A personal line of credits and others.

There is also Police Federal Credit Union that you can apply with and a range of other credit unions that have been specially founded for those working in the police.

All the helpful information is available right on the websites of these unions, so visit them to find answers to your questions or/and apply for a loan.

Low-interest loans are also provided by other lenders, including those operating online.

Police officers have a stable job and a steady income, which is highly appreciated by the lending service provider.

Although they may also consider other factors, such as your credit history,

Loans for Police Officers with Bad Credit

Your poor credit score can be a problem to become a police officer but it will not be a major issue for you to get a loan if you have already become one.

Some lenders will perform no credit check if you work in the police.

However, if you are about to apply with a certain loan provider, you should check this info on one’s site.

If there is no clear answer on whether people with poor credit history are allowed, you can contact them for further clarification.

At the same time, you should be aware of situations when you may be offered a higher rate due to a low credit score.

Law Enforcement Officers

It is important to have a clear understanding of which amount and then you will need to pay back.

While law enforcement officers may be offered favorable conditions, an extra check would not hurt.

In particular, you should read the agreement given to you by the lending service provider. If there is something that you find unclear, you should ask a lending service provider for clarification.

Check on the rates and any fees determined by the agreement.

Payday Advance

Payday loans for police officers allow them to get quick money when they need it.

There is a range of credit unions that you can consider to apply with, including federal ones. It is possible to find loans at reasonable rates and fair conditions even if your credit history is less than perfect.

Also, you can find reliable online lenders that will gladly provide you with a loan if you work in the police.

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Representative Examples of APR, Total Loan Costs & Fee

LOAN AMOUNT $2,500 $5,000
INTEREST RATE 16.00% 13.00%
LOAN TERM 36 Mos 48 Mos
FEE 10.00% 12.00%
MONTHLY PAYMENT $87.89 $131.67
APR 22.93% 18.23%
TOTAL PAYMENTS $3,164.13 $6,320.12
TOTAL COSTS $914.13 $1,920.12 does not provide loans itself, it is important to contact the lender you are connected with directly to obtain the specific details of your loan agreement.