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AvailBlue is a service operating on the Internet that you can use to get a loan to cover some expenses.

There are lots of similar services, and it may be really difficult to choose something.

In order to ensure that you will not make a mistake, you should read this review on the company.


It is a consumer lending company, allowing people with financial difficulties to get online installment loans.

They claim to offer flexible payment options that allow people to have better control over their finances.

It is a direct lender that has a nice, user-friendly website


There is the FAQ section that customers can check out in order to find some important information about the company and its conditions.

All applications are verified by their loan specialists.

The company operates in many states, except for Connecticut, Arkansas, Vermont, New York, Wisconsin, Virginia, and West Virginia.

There are several contact options that you can use to reach their representatives, including telephone and email.

Once you enter the website, you will find an application form right away that include the following fields:

  • Loan amount;
  • Full name;
  • State;
  • Date of birth;
  • Email address.


This service provider allows you to apply for a loan in a quick and easy manner.

They clearly indicate on the website, that Availblue loans are only available for a short period of time, so those looking for a long-term solution should find another company.

You should note that you can apply only for installment loans because the company does not provide any payday loans.

Not all applicants are approved for Availblue loans, but if you are, you will get the money on the next business day.

Also, they have different APRs based on your memberships as follows:

  • Newcomers can apply for a loan in the amount ranging from $250.00 to $600.00 at APR of 456.25%;
  • Gold Member can get a loan in the amount ranging from $250.00 to $1,000.00 at APR of 380.21%;
  • Platinum Member can get a loan in the amount ranging from $250.00 to $1200.00 at APR of 304.17%.

All loans can be taken from 8 to 24 days.

Customer Reviews and Rating

The company has received the “B” rating from the BBB; however, it is explained by the fact that it has not been operating for a long time.

On the official website of the organization, you can find two reviews, one of which is positive and the other one is negative.

The latter one claims to be informed by the BBB that the company gave payday loans, which is illegal in Georgia.

There are no other customer reviews that you can find on the Intent, which may explain by the fact that the business has not been operating for a long time.

Bottom Line

Availblue has not been operating for a long time, and their loans are really short-term, so you can have them just for several days. Considering that it does not have a decent reputation yet, it cannot be recommended.

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  1. Make sure all loan documents are correct before executing. I learned this the hard way. After being told I was a VIP and was entitled to a lower rate I requested a $300 loan from the company. I was told in order to qualify for the lower rate I needed to borrower $500, I didn’t need $500 but decided to take the offer as the lower rate offset the higher loan amount and kept me as a VIP.

    Loan documents came out not showing the lower fee – but I was told verbally that it would be an adjustment at time of payoff. Schedule payoff 2 weeks later with customer service and was told that no discount is eligible or was applied. Being charge $25 per $100 borrower for 2 weeks is total craziness. Even crazier is the fact I signed documents not showing what I was told at time of application and acceptance.

    1. Randall Dunkle says:

      DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They frequently tell you one thing verbally and the documents say something different. None of these companies give good rates or are cheap. However, this company is untrustworthy and outrageously expensive, even for those standards. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

      1. Mad as hell says:

        I will never use this company totally rip off I wish I had review the reviews first before getting this loan

  2. SCOTT TOTINO says:

    After being told I was a VIP and was entitled to a lower rate As I successfully completed 2 loans. I requested another loan today and was denied with no explanation to reasons for the denial. I’m not sure why I get phone calls and emails daily from ASHLEY the VIP specialist. I certainly don’t feel like a VIP.

  3. Desiree Hill says:

    This is the worst place to borrow money from. I would have rather stayed with a friend vs. this. I borrowed $450, and to date I’ve paired back $1,240 and I still owe until November 2020. DON’T BORROW ANY MONEY FROM HERE…THEY’RE REAL LIVE SHARKS!!!!!

  4. Anntranease Showers says:

    These keep denying me for absolutley no reason when I meet all the qualifications! I/m not understanding this!!!

    1. Terry Anderson says:

      I had no problem with them they fixed my paper work gave me confidence and was 100 percent sweet. And was approved asap.
      So I would definitely refer people to them .

    2. Myla Belcher says:

      Do NOT USE . If you don’t get approved thank your lucky stars. I applied for a $350 loan and what I didn’t see was my break down of payments on the docusign. It totals 1400 if I continue my biweekly payments or as I was told just pay 350.00 back one time all at once.

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