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Arrowhead Advance Reviews

The loan giving agency known as Arrowhead Advance represents a company that allows making payments and getting loans with no hidden expenses or unnecessary costs.

As long as all your personal details are reviewed and the instant loan is verified, you are going to get your money directly to your banking balance shortly after your order is approved.

This means that it is a handy tool for getting payday loans to meet your individual needs.

However, despite a seemingly flexible approach to doing business, some people doubt that this offers a sufficient level of security.

In this review, we are going to discuss whether it is indeed easy to get a loan from this company or whether it is unsafe to use its services.

Is Legit?

The website of the agency suggests that there will be just three simple steps necessary to make an online application for a loan.


Arrowhead Advance reviews

Thus, you’ll have to pass the following stages:

  • Submitting a small online application;
  • Getting in touch with a verification expert who will evaluate your data;
  • Waiting until your money is deposited onto your banking balance shortly after getting approval.

The good news is that loans offered by this agency are not insecure.

This is proved by a number of satisfied customers who were using the services.

As suggested by what is written in the customers’ feedback, this company provides cash advance loans that are easy to obtain as long as you send them a copy of documents verifying your income details and other important pieces of information.

On the other hand, some people claim that this company is more likely to be another fraudster that should not be trusted because they might make use of your private data and cancel your application without any reason.

We in person have been using the services of this website and can say for sure that they cannot be trusted.

Why Is This Scam? or Maybe Not

Too many people on the web keep saying that this company has been misusing their private data for irrelevant purposes.

Some customers leave comments saying that they got into a trap after using the services of this agency.

In fact, there is too much evidence that after preliminary approval of a loan, the company stops answering the e-mails of customers and then takes advantage of the clients’ private data.

This is the major reason why this agency should not be considered secure by all means.

Above all, some customers claim that this company gets all the personal details regarding the banking account, employer data as well as social security number and lots of other types of private information so that eventually clients have to change all their documents to make sure they are not misused.

As such, Arrowhead Advance is an unreliable provider of loans and all the associated services as it is more likely to be a scam, which is stated by the majority of customers who used its services in the past.

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  1. Michael Jernagin says:

    Do you make loans to Washington, DC residents?

  2. Consolatrice says:

    Horrible customer service!!! They closed off my loan, and now they’re calling me every 5 minutes on my phone and my work. I will not be doing any business with them again!!!

  3. Complete waste of time, applied for $1500 was approved and signed documents and they said thanks my load is accepted and I would receive funds the next day. Then called me asking for a Mrs. Gray which I am a male and that definitely isn’t my last name and then said after review my loan was denied and now I get about 1500 emails a day from loan providers because they obviously spilled my personal info all over the web. I highly doubt they even do loans, just get your info and sell it.

  4. Mr.Do Not Do It says:

    Complete Waste of time..I was pre approved for $1,200 and used promotion code they sent to me..only to find out that it’s all NOT mobile friendly.Ok so I hopped the computer filled everything and all info required and requested. They ended up approving for $500.ok cool funds will be available by next day.ok cool except they called me about 3 hours later to verify all the info that I had given online again..ok cool and after all that they wanted more that point I asked why is so much info is required if I was per approved Plus this and that already…and when they could not give me 1 answer after I had given 40-50 answer’s I knew right away it’s really not about the loan.Its about “Your info” and how they would lend the money and would sell your info to EVERYONE and make you pay them back anyway…. waste of time

  5. I was supposedly pre-approved and after they got all my data I was declined

  6. I submitted a payment and was told I wouldn’t be able to submit a payment towards my principal unless I pay for the finance charge of next month mind you I have a $900 loan that I’m paying $249 each month $49 goes towards the principal and 200 is interest/finance charge

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